French Freelance Artist

Motion designer - 3D designer/animator

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Création de designs originaux et innovants qui répondent aux besoins des clients.


 Adaptation rapide et compréhension efficace 

des besoin des clients.


Gestion du temps efficacement pour livrer des projets de qualité dans les délais impartis.

I am Clément HESSER, a passionate freelance graphic designer with over five years of experience as a professional freelancer and more than fifteen years in the world of graphic design. I specialize in creating visual designs for businesses and individuals in a variety of sectors, such as fashion, art, music, and technology.

As a freelance graphic designer, I am known for my creativity, attention to detail, and ability to quickly adapt to the needs of each client. I am also appreciated for my clear and effective communication throughout the creation process, from understanding the client's requirements to delivering the final project. With strong experience in graphic design, I am capable of creating attractive and impactful designs for any type of project, ranging from creating logos to designing websites and user interfaces. Feel free to contact me if you are looking to work with a passionate and experienced freelance graphic designer who can provide high-quality designs within deadlines.


Feel free to come up with your big idea.

I take care of the rest !


They trust me